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Updated Thursday March 8, 2018 by Mary Kate Livingston.

Winter 2017-18 Basketball
 Now In Season 
Registration Closed

CYC Basketball Registration
Players * Coaches * Volunteers

REGISTRATION OPENS:    Sunday, October 1st


2rd – 8th Grades
           $85: 4th- 8th Grade
$ 50:  2nd- 3rd Grade Training League
           2nd-3rd Gr. Boys play @ St. Theodore
           2nd-3rd Gr. Girls play@St. Paul(TBD for 2017-18)          
          4th-8th: Games are held at St. Charles CYC School Facilities, including Sacred Heart
           All practices will be held at Sacred Heart Gymnasium.

Basketball Season Outline:
Season Starts: January 5, 2018
Season Ends: March 11, 2018
Playoffs: March 24th-26th

Go to Sacred Heart's Sports Illustrated website.
Sacred Heart Sports Association - Powered by Sports Illustrated Play  

         CYC ID Card $5.00/card  *See Card Details Below
Family Volunteer work hours required per child playing.
         Provide Black Shorts & Clean Athletic Shoes.

LATE Registrations:  Late Fees may apply & you are not guaranteed a roster spot.
Registration Fees:     Non-Refundable, unless there is an insufficient number of players for the registrant's grade.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?     2nd  – 8th Grades (H.S. CYC League also available)
PLAYER RESIDENCE: SH Parish Boundary Map All children residing within Sacred Heart Parish boundaries & any children who reside within another parish boundary who does not provide teams, are eligible to play at Sacred Heart.  If the player is a registered member of Sacred Heart Parish, the participating child must attend Sacred Heart School or the Parish School of Religion (PSR).

 All families will be required to volunteer work hours per child playing. 
Schedules will be created after the Basketball League schedule is distributed.
If there is a date you are unable to work, please, email Kasey Hall immediately. Parents are responsible for their shift and must find a replacement if you are unable to work.

 $50.00 per player •  2nd 3rd Grade CYC Instructional League
 $85.00 per player •  4th -8th Grade CYC District League

* Purchase CYC ID Card ($5.00/card) (See Card Details Below)
* Work Concession Family Volunteer work hours per child playing.

JERSEY provided & must be returned post-season.
$ 50 Uniform Fee charged to family for jerseys not returned or returned damaged.
Black Shorts & Athletic Playing Shoes: Provided by Families
SHTROY Uniform Coordinator: Michelle Cox


* JERSEY is provided.  
   It must be returned on TBD date after the seasons end.  
   $50 Uniform Fee charged to family for jerseys not returned or returned damaged.
* Black Shorts & Playing Shoes: Provided by Families

Go to Sacred Heart's Sports Illustrated website.
Sacred Heart Sports Association - Powered by Sports Illustrated Play


Your continued support through volunteering is, as always, greatly needed and appreciated!
However, there are requirements to provide you with training and protection for our children.

1) Purchase CYC ID Card

2) Take “Protecting God’s Children” Workshop
     * CLICK to Check ArchStL Class Dates/Locations: “Protecting God's Children” Workshops

     * Pre-Registration required to attend.    
     * SHTROY: Our next workshop is in Oct. Stay tuned for Jo-Ann Creech announcement.

     $19.95 refundable course. Email receipt
4)  Background Check: SHTROY Child Safety Coordinator will run check bi-annually.
5) Turn in Paperwork to Sacred Heart Church Office for: Jo-Ann Creech.

SHTROY Compliance Coordinator:                           Sacred Heart Child Safety Coordinator:
Ashton Davis                          Protecting God's Children Facilitator
                                                                                         Jo-Ann Creech

Volunteer/Service Opportunities
Coach  * Assistant Coach  * Concessions  *  On-Site Coordinator,.
WHO:  H.S. Students and Adults   
Referee Training:   Sunday, November 26th (Duschene)
SHTROY Referee Coordinator: Joe Linneman


Teams Assigned:                       Early November
Players contacted by Coach:    Mid-Late November
Referee Training:                        Sunday, November 26th (Duschene)
Practices Begin:                         After Thanksgiving.
Games Begin:                             January 5th -Teams get 10 regular season games.
Season Ends:                               March 11th
Playoffs:                                        March 24th – 26th
CYC City/County Tournament:   April 2018 - Hosted by St. Charles CYC (Dominic & Duschene)

Day/Times: Set up by coach. 
How Many: 1 practice/week   * No Wednesday Practices.
Location:    Sacred Heart Gym.
When:         Practices begins after Thanksgiving.

2nd - 3rd Grade Boys play at St. Theodore
2nd - 3rd Grade Girls  play at St. Paul
4th -8th Grades Boys & Girls:  St. Charles CYC School Locations, including Sacred Heart.

All games are on the weekends. Possible Times: Friday nights, all day Saturday, or Sunday after Mass.

Find the Basketball Rules
For questions on rules & regulations, visit St. Charles CYC.

  SHTROY Basketball Coordinator:   Jim Wallis

SH Basketball Coordinator: Jim Wallis:

Interested in being a Basketball Referee
Contact Joe Linneman:
Referee Training: Sunday, November 26th (Duschene)
Coaches are welcome & encouraged to attend.

 Weather: Check updates on CYC Rainout Line
or you may receive updates from your coordinator/Coach regarding inclement weather.  
Follow CYC Rainout Line on Twitter: @stcharlescyc


Paid Position 2018-2019

You must register if you plan to be paid for any position. This includes referees and table score keepers. Please, contact the Referree coordinator or the Sacred’ Heart coordinator in charge of the sport, of which, you would like to red or keep score.

Obstacle Color Run 2018

Registration is closed

Fun Run Friday, Sept 14th, 2018
Packets will be distributed at school prior to race.
Race Day Sign-up 4:30 p.m.
Races Racing Begins Promptly: 5:00 p.m.
Order of Races:
1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1 mile
No medals this year, truly "Fun" run/walk.

* Preschool-PreK: Parent/sibling encouraged to run with child.
* All Races: Parents may run with all children for FREE (no shirt included)
* Adults shirt may be purchased for $10

VOLUNTEERS: Signup sheet coming soon

Just like last year, let's make it joyous for all....
*Please, cheer on all participants.

May God grant all participants the endurance to finish the race.
Let's have FUN!

Soccer 2018

Registration is closed